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Majestic Hair Salon (Stockport)

Majestic Hair Salon (Stockport) is located at 14-16 Bridge Street, Stockport, SK1 1XR where you can enjoy the finest of hair pampering, treatment & grooming. With TV's situated directly in front you, you can sit back and enjoy a professional hair cut while watching the music channels or the football. We appreciate that some of our ... More

Turkish Shaves

Us men are not really into all that pampering stuff but a Turkish Shave from Majestic Hair Salon is the MAN's equivalent. A Turkish shave really makes you feel like you've had more than just a hair cut from your local salon, instead it makes you feel well tailored and well looked after. This is the professional touch that makes Majestic ... More

Professional Colours

Are you tired of that same look? Are you wanting a fresh makeover and thinking of going with a dazzling new colour? Our stylists can give you that fresh, beautiful look with a new colour and style that will blow the minds of everyone you know. One trip to Majestic will have friends and family asking "Where on earth did you have your hair ... More

Short or Long Hair

Short or Long Hair, we have the stylists you need. We can accommodate any and all hair styles, shapes and sizes. So if your hair needs that all important trim, whether your hair needs shaping and styling or whether you need that full make over we have the experience and talent to make it happen. Majestic Hair Salon is the place to be! More

Wedding Cuts

If you're taking the leap and tying the knot to that someone special then visit Majestic Hair Salon before you do. We will make sure that you're looking your absolute finest with our VIP treatment, giving you the full works of a cut, beard trim and Turkish shave. You will look and feel sharper than a two edged sword with our professional ... More

Wedding Styles

Do you need THE most important style of your life? We have the stylists on board to help you get that perfect look for your special day, if you have a look in mind then we can make it happen. Our stylists have over 40 years combined experience and there is no hair style that we shy away from. Majestic Hair at its finest! More

Professional Cuts

Majestic is at the forefront of exceptional hair designs and cuts for men. We cater for short hair, long hair, curly hair, fuzzy hair, the list goes on; so however you want your hair cut we can guarantee that your experience with Majestic will be worth it. Why? Because we have barbers in our salon that you can trust to do that perfect job, ... More